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The expanse

By Rick Dominguez

Disclaimer: Yearbook is a class that allows you to develop your writing, photography, and communication skills. It relies on creativity and teamwork. A lot of the work is left to the individual, it is up to you to manage your time, speak to teachers and coaches, arrange meetings, and attend events before the deadline. If you think this is just another photography class then this is not the class for you.


I formed these questions as if it’s an in-person interview. They can be reworded


Yearbook class can be a very demanding class with deadline-driven assignments. What is your experience with dealing with deadlines and large workloads?


- Give them a picture, and tell them to write a caption OR tell them to bring a picture they took with a caption they wrote for it


-give them a set of good and bad pictures and have them sort them out and explain why they choose the arrangement they did.


Do you have a camera? What experience do you have using it? 


The success of the team depends on the personal accountability of each individual, what are two instances or experience that you can elaborate on that prove you’re a responsible person?


What appealed to you about yearbook?


How are your time management skills? Elaborate


What are your talents? Can you draw?


What experience do you have with computer related art?


How would you communicate with your partner if they weren’t doing their part of the work?


What is your daily schedule like?


Do you have access to transportation for when you have to take pictures at games and other school events?


The Expanse is a show on Amazon Prime.

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